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Our latest startups


Supporting healthy living for seniors & caregivers

In 2050 France will have more than 4 million people over 60 years old.The expectations of these senior citizens have changed a lot, they no longer embrace the traditional senior housing options (retirement homes, assisted living communities etc). Cocoon's mission is to secure seniors and bring peace of mind to caregivers thanks to a data platform enabling a personalized prevention strategy. Cocoon offers a suite of contactless sensors around the house, monitoring seamlessly seniors’ vitals and activity.

Cocoon is supported by two serial entrepreneurs, Valentino Marra and Laurent Adde, who developed the first beta application in six months.

Client : Leader in energy management

Health, e-health

Created in 2020


Streamlining corporate wellness

As telework becomes more and more popular, 60% of French employees consider well-being to be the number one priority in their company. In this context, the job of those who handle office life, namely Officer Managers and Chief happiness Officers (CHOs), is increasingly changing.MyOfficer's mission is to help companies offer their employees more confidence, freedom and autonomy in their daily work.

MyOfficer is led by Florent de Lecluse, a recurring entrepreneur. The startup created the first version of its product in 6 months and has been marketing it since October 2020.

Client : Agri-food industry leader

Computer Software

Created in 2020


SMS-based therapeutic follow-up

More than 23 million French people live with a chronic disease and almost half do not follow their treatment properly. The cost of non-adherence in France is estimated to cost 9.2 billion euros per year.Curecall's mission is to help chronic patients to live better with their health by offering an SMS monitoring solution while providing healthcare professionals with a simple solution to collect real-life data useful for diagnosis and to handle patients' expectations.

Curecall is led by 3 health experts Mohammed EL Bojaddaini-CEO, Sinda Mahbouli-CSO and Laetitia Ormus-CTO.The first product, an intelligent chatbot for ophthalmological protocol monitoring, was developed in 4 months and marketed starting in October 2020.

Client : Pharmaceutical laboratory

Health, e-health

Created in 2020


Real-time smart energy management

58.4 billion euros could be saved each year in France if the 4.8 current thermal sieves were converted to a greater energy efficiency label, for instance from F to C in European standards. This is what Elax Energie is aiming to do with its smart monitoring solution.
Elax Energie" has designed a smart meter that controls the consumption of the water heater and all the other electrical appliances present within a home. The device is energy efficient as it operates on a low-frequency network and its linked digital app allows the energy consumption of large buildings to be managed in an automated manner.

Elax is led by Jean-François Eggericx, 25 years of experience in energy and automation in France and internationally.

Connected object / IOT

Created in 2019